Camas Foundation Board

The Camas Foundation Board is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation created by the Kalispel Tribe to focus on  programming that improves the wellness of our Tribal Members and surrounding communities.

Meet the Board

Each member of the board is an enrolled Kalispel Tribal Member

Board Members are appointed by the Kalispel Tribal Council and consist of 7 Tribal Members. The Camas Foundation’s focus is on strengthening the Salish language, preserving Kalispel culture, and the overall education of the Kalispel People.

Curt Holmes, Chairman

General Manager of Public & Government Relations

Phil Haugen, Vice Chair

Chief Operating Officer, Kalispel Tribal Economic Authority

Shirley Blackbear, Member

Executive Director of Human Resources, Northern Quest Resort and Casino, Kalispel Tribal Elder

Stan Bluff, Member

Language Adviser, Kalispel Tribe of Indians, Kalispel Tribal Elder

Meet the Staff

Tammy MacArthur, Executive Assistant